Monday, November 26, 2007

City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K All-Time Winners

Men's Overall
2006 - Juan Flores, 20:34
2007 - Jason Garcia, 17:30

Men's Masters
2006 - Rick Cook, 24:04
2007 - Jacob Mazone, 17:30

Women's Overall
2006 - Shelby Fires, 26:33
2007 - Meredith Bryarly, 24:34

Women's Masters
2006 - Alma Bigler, 27:08
2007 - Ruth Fields, 27:24

Age-Group Winners
Female 14-Under
2007 - Taryn Driver, 30:32

Female 15-19
2007 - Shelby Fives, 25:11

Female 20-24
2007 - Sara Lange, 27:36

Female 25-29
2007 - Christina Pierce, 31:08

Female 30-34
2007 - Kelly Whiddon, 26:20

Female 35-39
2007 - Jennifer Johns, 24:51

Female 40-44
2007 - Kim Driver, 28:10

Female 45-49
2007 - Liz Berry, 29:32

Female 50-54
2007 - Debbie Tripp, 38:49

Female 55-59
2007 - Alma Bigler, 36:55

Female 60-64
2007 - Frances McDougal, 35:18

Male 14-Under
2007 - Alex Brundage, 24:06

Male 15-19
2007 - Joseph Mazone, 18:01

Male 20-24
2007 - Jeffrey Sexton, 21:22

Male 25-29
2007 - Tavis Schlickes, 22:19

Male 30-34
2007 - Aric Arnsworth, 22:15

Male 35-39
2007 - Joe Martinez, 21:58

Male 40-44
2007 - Paul Brundage, 23:13

Male 45-49
2007 - David Smart, 23:14

Male 50-54
2007 - David Williams, 25:46

Male 55-59
2007 - Stephen Smith, 22:01

Male 60-64
2007 - Mike McDougal, 26:05

Male 65-69
2007 - Ken Johnson, 33:48

Saturday, November 24, 2007

"For The Love Of Pine Cones"

What an incredible morning!

We had 29 runners - in 45 degrees weather and rain - complete the Fall 2007 version of the Montgomery County Triple as well as five (5) other individuals who met the requirements through their volunteerism and/or participation in all three (3) events.

Our efforts are all about promoting the sport in - and around - Montgomery County and there are plenty of opportunities to benefit multiple individuals, groups, clubs, organizations and businesses.

The next two (2) events - aside from the bi-monthly Run The Woodlands 5K - are the Saturday, December 15 Willis Wildkat 5K, put on by the Willis High School Cross Country program, and the Monday, December 31 New Year's Resolution Run Kid's Mile, Teen 2-Mile and 4K, hosted by the Oak Ridge Track Club to benefit Oak Ridge High School's track and cross country programs.

I'm going to take a moment to attempt to thank everyone - in no particular order - that I can possibly think of that had a part in making this weekend an incredible, fun-filled success:

Rick Cook - The individual who, at seeing the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K on the calendar, morphed our "The Woodlands 2-fer Turkey Day" into the "Montgomery County Triple" and designed and created our award.

Jim Fredricks and Mike Jones - Publisher and sports editor of the Conroe Courier for allowing us to have a weekly running column in their publication. For those of you who read already, thank you. For those who don't, the column regularly appears on Tuesdays.

Roxanne Davis - Race director of the 18th annual GE Run Thru The Woods and companion events. She raised the awareness of the Triple by putting the events on their web site. Thank you!

Christine O'Hagan and Lauren Arnold - The Special Events Coordinator and Director, respectively, of the Parks and Recreation Department for the City of Conroe. These individuals were responsible for the Turkey Trot 5K on Friday and orchestrated a challenging multi-terrain, cross country course in a fun environment.

Mike Lucas - Luke's Locker for allowing us to have the traditional Run The Woodlands 5K in both of the Triples and providing staff to continue to administer the event in its eighth year.

Cindy Jones - Conroe resident, who works for Goodrich's Pro Star Waste, with the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce who provided us with a free entry (won by Patricia Gilbert) for the first annual Davy Crockett Bear Chase Marathon and Half Marathon in Groveton, TX on Saturday, April 12, 2008.

Ken Johnson - Vice president of the Seven Hills Running Club in Huntsville who provided a free entry (won by Joe Martinez) to the October 2008 Huntsville Half Marathon.

Dana-Sue Crews and family - Author of "Our Daddy's Cancer" who, with her children Morgan and Dylan, autographed copies of her book for winners Mike McDougal and Stephen Smith. The book, available at Barnes & Noble at The Woodlands Mall, is about the thoughts, concerns and support of the two youngsters while their father, Bill, battled lymphoma. (A part of the proceeds from sales of the book goes to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.)

Bill Dwyer - Coach extraordinaire who helped promote the Montgomery County Triple to all of his constituencies - Woodlands Fit, Team in Training-The Woodlands and The Woodlands Running Club (and anybody else who would listen and accept his e-mails.)

Karen and Emma Felicidario - Local mother and daughter who helped build our awards and provided critical race day support on Saturday. Karen, of course, was one of the 29 while Emma ran 1-milers at both events and did a great job today.

Mick Long and Andrew Perry - Both of these local runners and Luke's Locker employees built the towers - early in the morning - at Run Thru The Woods and the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K while race directing Run The Woodlands 5K.

Waverly Walk - I forgot to recognize my own daughter today; however, she ran the 3-mile race on Thursday and passed out flyers on our upcoming local events as well as writing down the names of all of the finishers today at Run The Woodlands 5K. Most importantly, she listens to her Dad ramble left and right about the sport ad nauseum and rarely, if ever, complains. Her love and support is critical in making all of this work.

Bookmark this blog for more information about Montgomery County events and the Spring version of the Montgomery County Triple (which will be part of the Spring Montgomery County Racing Series)!

Thanks to all of you for participating as well as your support!

Jon Walk

The Fall '07 MC3 Honorees are ...

(In alphabetical order)

Cherish Adams
Liz Berry
Alex Brundage (3-mile teen race/both 5K's)
Kyle Brundage
Paul Brundage
Rich Cooper
James Dristas
Bill Dwyer (ran first two events and volunteered third)
Emma Felicidario (ran both 1-mile events and volunteered third)
Karen Felicidario
Patricia Gilbert
Brian Greeney
Jennifer Johns
Ken Johnson
Katy Lampson
Sara Lange
Mick Long (volunteered all three events)
Ron Longtin
Joe Martinez
Missy Martinez
Jacob Mazone
Joseph Mazone (3-mile teen race/both 5K's)
Mike McDougal
Mike Mendeck
Jennifer Molinar
Andrew Perry (volunteered all three events)
Julie Peters
Kim Rawls
Tavis Schlicker
Stephen Smith
Debbie Tripp
Jon Walk
Waverly Walk
(ran 3-mile teen race and volunteered last two)
Missy Yut

Once again, thank you to all of you for participating!

Thanks to MC3 Partner Events Supporters

Seven Hills Running Club vice president Ken Johnson and Trinity County Chamber of Commerce's Cindy Jones presented Triple finishers with free entries to the 30th annual Huntsville Half Marathon in October 2008 and the first annual Davy Crockett Bear Chase Marathon and Half Marathon on Saturday, April 12, 2008. Please support these events in Walker and Trinity counties!
(Photo courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

The Triple ... is about Winning

Montgomery's Joe Martinez, 38, was the Triple finisher who won a free entry to the 30th annual Huntsville Half Marathon, which will be held in October 2008 and produced by the Seven Hills Running Club.

Pictured between organizers Bill Dwyer and Jon Walk, both of Spring, 42-year-old Patricia Gilbert was the Triple finisher who was the random drawing winner of the free entry to the 1st annual Davy Crockett Bear Chase Marathon and Half Marathon on Saturday, April 12, 2008.
(Photos courtesy of Debbie Tripp)

The Triple ... is about Family (Part 2)

Montgomery County district attorney and Triple finisher Mike McDougal is pictured with local author, runner and triathlete Dana-Sue Crews and her two children, Morgan and Dylan. McDougal was one of two random drawing winners of Dana-Sue's book, "Our Daddy's Cancer". She and her kids autographed the book for McDougal and The Woodlands Running Club treasurer Stephen Smith.

The Woodlands' Karen Felicidario, 42, and her daughter, Emma, are all smiles after earning their custom awards.
(Photos courtesy of Debbie Tripp)

The Triple ... is about Family

The Woodlands' Paul Brundage is flanked by his sons, Alex, 13, and Kyle, 16, who all completed the Triple this past weekend. The boys' grandparents were out to watch them all race on Saturday.

Father-and-son Jacob, 45, and Joseph Mazone, 16, went second and first in Saturday's Run The Woodlands 5K. Jacob, who with Oak Ridge High School track and cross country coach Dennis Muehlstein coordinates events for the Oak Ridge Track Club, went second three times this weekend while Joseph grabbed two third-place finishes and the first place win.
(Photos courtesy of Debbie Tripp)

The Triple ... is about Picking Pine Cones

Seven Hills Running Club secretary Katy Lampson, 32, looks over the selection of pine cones - a day after the start of Christmas shopping - asking herself, "Which are the prettiest pine cones of them all?"

Run The Woodlands 5K women's winner Jennifer Johns, 37, is the 10th overall Triple finisher to choose her award from the prize table.
(Photos courtesy of Bill Dwyer)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Montgomery Co. Triple Award Assembly

With a little over 40 runners and volunteers participating in both the 18th annual GE Run Thru The Woods and the 3rd annual City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K the past two days, MC3 organizers were pressed into award production mode Friday afternoon for all of Saturday's potential finishers.

A long string of small 2 x 4's are ready for the next step in the production.

Karen Felicidario and her daughter, Emma, work together to attach pine cones to the 2 x 4's. (Karen completed both runs on Thursday and Friday while Emma did 1-mile runs at each event as well.)

40 Still in Running After Two Fall '07 Events

The forty (40) participants still in the running for the Fall 2007 version of the Montgomery County Triple are as follows:

Girls (3-Mile Teen Race/5K)
Taryn Driver, 12

Boys (3-Mile Teen Race/5K)
Joseph Mazone, 15
Alex Brundage, 13

Ladies (5-Mile/5K)
Jennifer Johns, 37
Tricia Driver, 17
Kimberly Driver, 41
Sara Lange, 24
Katy Lampson, 32
Heather Pigg, 34
Karen Felicidario, 42
Liz Berry, 47
Missie Martinez, 33
Robin Bennett, 36
Shirley Golden, 36
Cherish Adams, 38
Debbie Tripp, 51
Patricia Gilbert, 42
Jennifer Molinar, 37
Julie Peters, 49
Kim Rawls, 47
Misty Graham-Baugh, 31
Leslie Alli, 36
Corina Privett, 35
Mary Yut, 38

Men (5-Mile/5K)
Jacob Mazone, 45
Kyle Brundage, 16
Stephen Smith, 55
Joe Martinez, 38
Tavis Schlicker, 29
Paul Brundage, 44
Richard Cooper, 43
Dave Smart, 47
Aric Arnsworth, 32
James Dristas, 28
Mike Mendeck, 60
Brian Greeney, 36
Ron Longtin, 61
Jon Walk, 40
Ken Johnson, 66
Bill Dwyer, 50

MC2: City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K

Seventy-four (74) runners finished the 3rd annual City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K on a cool, cloudy Friday morning at Carl Barton, Jr. Park.

Conroe's Jason Garcia, 16, outleaned Spring's Jacob Mazone, 45, to the finish line for the win as the pair covered the 5-kilometer mixed terrain course in 17 minutes and 30 seconds.

With the second place overall finish, Mazone was still the leading masters finisher. Mazone led 55-year-old Stephen Smith and 44-year-old Paul Brundage, both who reside in The Woodlands, in the masters division. Smith stopped the clock in 22:01 while Brundage punched in with a time of 23:13.4.

Mazone's 15-year-old son, Joseph, who was third the day before in the boys' teen race at the 18th annual Run Thru The Woods, was third overall just 31 seconds behind his father with a new personal record (PR) of 18:01.2.

Conroe Triathletes' Meredith Bryarly, 28, of Conroe, was the first female finisher across the line in 24:34.

She was followed across the finish line by 38-year-old Jennifer Johns and 19-year-old Shelby Fives in 24:50.6 and 25:11.1, respectively.

Winning the women's masters race was Montgomery's Ruth Fields, 48, who easily defeated fellow Montgomery native Kim Driver, 41, and The Woodlands' Cathy Steele, 43, with a time of 27:23.8.

City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K Pictures

City of Conroe Special Events Coordinator and Turkey Trot 5K race director Christine O'Hagan and Luke's Locker's Mike Lucas after the race.

Conroe Courier running columnist Jon Walk talks about the Montgomery County Triple.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Free Bear Chase Entry Up For Grabs

Looking for a free marathon or half marathon entry?

(No, sorry, we can't help you with the Chevron Houston Marathon or the Aramco Half Marathon.)

Finish all three events of the Montgomery County Triple, though, and you’ll be eligible for a drawing after Saturday’s Run The Woodlands 5K that will include a free marathon or half marathon entry to the 1st annual Davy Crockett Bear Chase – Texas’ 14th marathon -- to be held in Groveton on Saturday, April 12, 2008.

Special thanks to Cindy Jones and Paul Snyder, race committee members with the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce, for providing the free entry to their inaugural event.

In conjunction with the Spring 2008 version of the Montgomery County Triple in May, Seven Hills Running Club vice president Ken Johnson will offer a free entry to the 30th annual Huntsville Half Marathon, held annually in October.

We certainly appreciate their willingness to give you -- runners completing the Montgomery County Triple -- an incentive to travel to Trinity and Walker Counties for their events.

Online registration continues to be open for the first two events of the Fall 2007 Montgomery County Triple – the 18th annual GE Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler on Thanksgiving Day and the 3rd annual City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K on Friday, November 23.

Run Thru The Woods is $20 through November 20 and the Turkey Trot 5K is $18 through November 21.

The third and final event in the Triple is the bi-monthly Run The Woodlands 5K on Saturday, November 24 where the entry – all on race day – is just $1.

Let Us Hear From You!

The voice beckons you, "Do The Triple!"

Seriously, do you really, really have to go Christmas shopping on the day after Thanksgiving? (Ladies, don't answer that!)

Besides, after the 18th annual Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler on Thanksgiving morning, the distances get shorter.

Leave us a comment to let us know that you plan on supporting three of Montgomery County's annual running events (and we can let our own elf get to work on your custom award!)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Before the Montgomery County Triple

Five of the last seven years - excluding 2002 and 2003 - the GE Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler and Run The Woodlands 5K have fallen on the same weekend.

Prior to last year's explosion of 39 runners that ran both races, just 41 other runners had done "The Woodlands 2-fer Turkey Day".

Here's a complete list of runners who have run both races on the same weekend:

Ale Cretul, F, Ocala, Fla. - 2006
Alex Brundage, M, The Woodlands - 2006
Andrew Perry, M, Conroe - 2004, 2006
Ann Leoni, F, The Woodlands - 2006

Barbara Burnett, F, Spring - 2001
Barbara Valdes, F, The Woodlands - 2006
Bob Bailie, M, The Woodlands - 2005
Brad Carlson, M, Spring - 2001
Brian Cretul, M, Ocala, Fla. - 2006

Carlos Ortegon, M, The Woodlands - 2006
Chris Gause, F, Spring - 2005

Dana Swenson, M, The Woodlands - 2000
Daniela Quest, F, Spring - 2006
David Kinney, M, The Woodlands - 2006
David Smart, M, The Woodlands - 2005
David Stipp, M, The Woodlands - 2000
Debbie Tripp, F, The Woodlands - 2004, 2005, 2006

Ed Springer, M, The Woodlands - 2000, 2001
Eric Vibrock, M, The Woodlands - 2006
Erin Miller, F, The Woodlands - 2006

Gary Van Kuiken, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Holden Choi, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Ian Heller, M, The Woodlands - 2000

Jacob Mazone, M, Spring - 2006
Jeff Westergren, M, The Woodlands - 2000, 2005, 2006
Jeffrey Scott Sexton, M, Conroe - 2006
Jim Braden, M, The Woodlands - 2005, 2006
John Sullivan, M, The Woodlands - 2001
Jon Walk, M, Spring - 2005, 2006
Joseph Mazone, M, Spring - 2006

Karen Felicidario, F, The Woodlands - 2006
Kati Miller, F, The Woodlands - 2006
Kristen Gohlke, F, The Woodlands - 2000
Kyle Brundage, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Leon Rieger, M, The Woodlands - 2005
Lisa Nelligan, F, The Woodlands - 2001
Lou Wilson, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Melissa Poole, F, Conroe - 2000
Michael McNear, M, Spring - 2006
Michael Reade, M, Spring - 2000
Mike Althoff, M, The Woodlands - 2001
Mike Mendeck, M, Conroe - 2005, 2006

Nancy Copus, F, The Woodlands - 2000
Nora Wilson, F, The Woodlands - 2005

Paul "Skip" Moschell, M, The Woodlands - 2006
Paul Brundage, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Richard Tabatt, M, The Woodlands - 2000
Rick Cook, M, The Woodlands - 2005, 2006
Robert MacLeod, M, The Woodlands - 2005, 2006
Russell Henderson, M, Houston - 2000
Ryan Albright, M, The Woodlands - 2006

Stephanie Nisbitt, F, Round Rock - 2006
Stephen Smith, M, The Woodlands - 2001, 2004, 2006
Susan Watkins, F, The Woodlands - 2000

Tim Foland, M, Spring - 2006
Tim Vibrock, M, The Woodlands - 2000, 2004, 2006
Tom Hippe, M, The Woodlands - 2005, 2006
Tom Pinney, M, The Woodlands - 2004, 2005, 2006
Troy Quest, M, Spring - 2006

Vincent Attanucci, M, The Woodlands - 2004, 2006

William Thompson, M, Conroe - 2004

Two youngsters - Bobby Stipp, 11, of The Woodlands, in 2000, and Waverly Walk, 10, of Spring, in 2005 - did the 1-Mile Kids race and Run The Woodlands 5K two days later.

The fastest 10 combined men's times for the 8.1 miles are as follows:

46:36 - Andrew Perry, 17, Conroe, 2004
49:16 - Andrew Perry, 19, Conroe, 2006
50:28 - Michael Reade, 18, Spring, 2000
50:48 - Jacob Mazone, 44, Spring, 2006
52:07 - John Sullivan, 41, The Woodlands, 2001
52:39 - Russell Henderson, 43, Houston, 2000
52:59 - Joseph Mazone, 14, Spring, 2006
53:02 - Ian Heller, 16, The Woodlands, 2000
53:16 - Stephen Smith, 49, The Woodlands, 2001
54:23 - Stephen Smith, 52, The Woodlands, 2004

The fastest 10 combined women's times for the 8.1 miles are as follows:

1:00:35 - Susan Watkins, 46, The Woodlands, 2000
1:02:16 - Nora Wilson, 49, The Woodlands, 2005
1:04:34 - Ann Leoni, 45, The Woodlands, 2006
1:06:22 - Kati Miller, 13, The Woodlands, 2006
1:11:17 - Ale Cretul, 30, Ocala, Fla., 2006
1:13:58 - Lisa Nelligan, 36, The Woodlands, 2001
1:16:42 - Debbie Tripp, 48, The Woodlands, 2004
1:18:36 - Debbie Tripp, 49, The Woodlands, 2005
1:18:39 - Nancy Copus, 45, The Woodlands, 2000
1:20:51 - Karen Felicidario, 41, The Woodlands, 2006

The youngest was 12-year-old Alex Brundage of The Woodlands last year and the oldest was also in 2006 when Jim Braden did both events at the age of 71. Kati Miller, 13, of The Woodlands and Chris Gause, 63, of Spring, were the youngest and oldest women to do so in 2006 and 2005, respectively.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

1999 BetzDearborn Run Thru The Woods Winners

Men's - Justin Chaston, Houston, 23:53
Women's - Desiree Owen, Kingwood, 28:40
Men's Masters - David Washburn, Houston, 26:19
Women's Masters - Sandy Straup, Spring, 33:32

2nd Place
Men's - Michael Olague, Houston, 25:38
Women's - Nicole Wilkerson, Bryan, 28:51
Men's Masters - Bernie Weber, Houston, 26:43
Women's Masters - Barbara Rowe, 34:25

3rd Place
Men's - Luis Menros, 26:28
Women's - Sheila Carmody, The Woodlands, 30:45
Men's Masters - Richard Fredrich, Katy, 27:12
Women's Masters - Nancy Prejean, Deer Park, 34:51

13-Under - Mariana Guerrero, The Woodlands, 35:60
14-19 - Christa Hargus, The Woodlands, 35:49
20-24 - Nicole Rugg, The Woodlands, 39:47
25-29 - Jennifer Thomas, The Woodlands, 34:05
30-34 - Ann Smith, Houston, 31:18
35-39 - Sherrie Keim, Dodge, 30:59
40-44 - Mary Rodrigs, The Woodlands, 35:11
45-49 - Susan Watkins, The Woodlands, 37:07
50-54 - Frances McDougal, Conroe, 39:49
55-59 - Donna Offutt, Montgomery, 42:54
65+ - Patricia Burschinger, The Woodlands, 55:13

13-Under - Lucas Mena-Hernandez, The Woodlands, 31:06
14-19 - Daniel Liszewski, The Woodlands, 27:42
20-24 - Mark Plesko, 28:46
25-29 - Joshua Urban, The Woodlands, 27:59
30-34 - Stephen Vreeke, 30:10
35-39 - Tommy Travis, The Woodlands, 27:29
40-44 - John Zuilhoff, 27:17
45-49 - Miguel Lopez, Houston, 29:10
50-54 - Rudolph Rendon, Spring, 33:16
55-59 - Carey Loyd, 32:17
60-64 - Roy Dwyer, San Antonio, 34:27
65+ - Pete Alberts, Houston, 40:55

Kids 1-Mile

- Ben Schulz, 12, The Woodlands, 5:47
Girls - Emily Cleveland, 12, The Woodlands, 6:32

2nd Place
Boys - Michael Pettitt, 12, The Woodlands, 6:19
Girls - Jamie Sammis, 12, The Woodlands, 6:35

3rd Place
- Brent Almand, 12, The Woodlands, 6:20
Girls - Madison Schnur, 10, The Woodlands, 6:45

- Bree Schrader, 6, Spring, 7:51
9-12 - Katharine Heg, 11, The Woodlands, 6:49

8-Under - Jonathan Walthall, 7, Conroe, 7:36
9-12 - Greg Van Winkel, 12, The Woodlands, 6:24


1995 Gobbler 5-Miler Winners

Men's - Jeff Wells, 25:20
Women's - Patricia Russell, 29:11
Men's Masters - Joel Barr, 28:31
Women's Masters - Patty Leary, 32:20

Boys 2K - Martin Chase, 9:03
Girls 2K - Lauren Middleton, 10:04

The following year, the Gobbler 5-Miler became Run Thru The Woods when BetzDearborn became the title sponsor.

(Source: Archives)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

2007 Spring Finishers

Randy Bradley, The Woodlands
Kim Driver, Montgomery
Lori Eubanks, The Woodlands
Cody Ferguson, Montgomery
Corinne Laird, The Woodlands
Jacob Mazone, Spring
Mike Mendeck, Conroe
Susan Meyer, The Woodlands
Anne Pattengale, The Woodlands
Stephen Smith, The Woodlands
Paula Stiles, The Woodlands
Debbie Tripp, The Woodlands
Heather Tromanhauser, The Woodlands

These 13 individuals completed the YMCA Trail Run 5K in Conroe, the David's Dream Run 5K on Market Street in The Woodlands and the Run The Woodlands 5K at Barbara Bush Elementary.

Thirty-one (31) runners had completed the first two races.

Debbie Tripp was the only runner of the 13 listed above to do the "Quad" as she ran Run The Woodlands 5K on Saturday morning, May 12 - just an hour before the start of the Trail Run 5K in Conroe.

2006 Fall Finishers

Rick Cook, The Woodlands
Bill Dwyer, Spring
Andrew Perry, Conroe
Scott Sexton, Conroe
Jon Walk, Spring

Sexton, Cook and Walk earned the Triple by running all three of the events. Perry ran the middle two -- the Run Thru The Woods 5M and the Run The Woodlands 5K #166 -- and was the RD with his cousin, Scott Perry, and City of Conroe Parks and Recreation Department's Michael Cantu.

Dwyer did Run Thru The Woods on Thursday and went the first mile of the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K before having his charley horses keep him from going much further. However, he ended up volunteering for the latter two events to also earn the Triple award.

Origin of the Montgomery County Triple

The Montgomery County Triple comes to you as a result of the creativity of The Woodlands ultrarunner Rick Cook, who recently completed his first 100-Miler this October at the Arkansas Traveller 100.

It was created during the Thanksgiving Day Weekend of 2006 and it requires an individual to run or work the Run Thru The Woods 5-Miler (in its 18th year in 2007), the City of Conroe Turkey Trot 5K (in its 3rd year) and the Run The Woodlands 5K.

It was created in the same spirit of the Texas Trilogy Award that is given by Bandera and Rock Raccoon 50/100-Mile race director Joe Prusaitis to the finishers of the Sunmart 50-Miler, Bandera 100K and the Rocky Raccoon 100-Miler.

Rick's design for the award takes into account three things:

+ We live in or on the outskirts of the piney woods of east Texas. (The pine cone)
+ The official mascot of The Woodlands is Puffy, the Pine Cone.
+ Conroe got started in 1881 with the establishment of a sawmill. (The use of 2x4's)

A spring version of the award was inaugurated in May 2007 to encourage runners to race the YMCA Trail Run 5K in Conroe, the David's Dream Run 5K in The Woodlands and Run The Woodlands 5K on three (3) consecutive weekends.

Why do we go to the trouble? To support road racing in Montgomery County!