Monday, March 24, 2008

A Great Chance to Medal!

One of the partner races to the Montgomery County Triple, the Davy Crockett Bear Chase will be held in just over three weeks in Groveton, Texas on Saturday, April 12.

Through today, Monday, March 24, there are only 41 entrants in the marathon and 92 entrants in the half marathon including 10 in the 5K and just two marathon relay teams!

This is an inaugural event that is likely to grow. It was even featured in the April edition of Runner's World.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Pine Cone Awards Recognized by Runner Triathlete News

Those of you supported Montgomery County road racing by completing the Montgomery County Triple this past November will be proud to know that your award was given Honorable Mention recognition by Runner Triathlete News in its eighth annual T-Shirt/Poster Contest.

"We received dozens of entries in the contest and a judging panel comprised of runners, triathletes, former event directors, and graphic artists selected the best and brightest entries," said the magazine's staff in its March 2008 edition.

Gold: Wee-Chi-Tah Triple Threat (Wichita Falls)
Silver: Milkman Triathlon (Dexter, New Mexico)
Bronze: Midnight 5K
Honorable Mention: Montgomery County Triple, Beneezy Purple Monkey Run (Alvin)

"On behalf of my partners Rick Cook and Bill Dwyer, we are especially flattered that our original, unique award, which completely symbolizes Montgomery County, was selected by Runner Triathlete News," said Courier running columnist Jon Walk. "We're also happy to share the award with the purple monkeys given out by the Garcia family that puts on the Beneezy Purple Monkey Run as a memorial to their son, Benjamin. Having participated in their event, I've been encouraged by their dedication and commitment to producing a quality evening and their incredible spirit."

"Additionally, we'd like to thank Roxanne Davis with the South County YMCA, Lauren Arnold and Christine O'Hagan with the City of Conroe, and Mike Lucas with Luke's Locker for allowing us to highlight their events to encourage runners to push themselves a little and bring more attention to our sport in the County."

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spring '08 Montgomery County Triple Update

We're evaluating our options for the 2008 spring version of the Montgomery County Triple as David's Dream Run 5K will be on Saturday, May 31 instead of the 17th, as we originally anticipated.

You'll also note that the Muddy Trails 5K has moved to Saturday, April 5.

We're also inquiring with the organizers of the new Lonestar 5K Run in Montgomery, scheduled for Saturday, April 19, for updated event information.